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Supernova 5: Gelombang is a science fiction novel written by Dee Lestari published on 17 October 2014. This novel is the fifth part of the Supernova sequel.


A gondang ceremony changed everything for Alfa. The mysterious creature called Si Jaga Portibi suddenly appeared to haunt him. Some people who have magic power want Alfa become their pupils. And, most terrible of it all is that his sleep is betting lives. Something waited Alfa in dreamland.
Alfa far overseas bring it up to the United States. He struggled as illegal immigrants who want to change the fate and status. One night, someone's presence triggers Alfa to face his worst fears. Natural dreams turned out to save the great secret he never imagined. In the Yarlung Valley, Tibet, the answer began to unfold.
Meanwhile, Gio’s search at Rio Tambopata is deadlocked. At the time of the unexpected, the man who ever met him in Vallegrande reappeared. The man directing Gio to the new search. The instructions are the four stone symbol, representing four people, and Gio turns out as one of them.


The story in this novel followed by a character named Thomas Alfa Edison Sagala or Alfa Sagala or Ichon. Ichon was born  in Batak family who practice indigenous beliefs Batak. One day after his 12th birthday, a ceremony called ‘gondang’ was held in his village by someone who want to ask the blessing of King Uti. This is the first time Ichon was in his village when gondang played. And on that night, his life changed. In the evening, he saw a black who later called Si Jaga Portibi. Besides being followed by a mysterious creature, every night Ichon always dreamed of the same thing, a dream that feels very real.

A few days later, Ichon was appointed by Ompu Togu Urat as his pupil, a supreme shaman in his village. Ichon given two stones which makes no sinister dream again. Strange events continue to occur, Ichon approached by another magical healer, Ompu Ronggur Panghutur of Tao Silalahi, which said that he wanted to lift Ichon as his disciple. Ichon treated by two options. Which one is true. Which one should he choose. Ichon finally choose Ompu Togu Urat. And it is a wrong choice. Ompu Togu Urat trying to kill Ichon at Lake Toba when they want to meet Ompu Ronggur and took the stone that given in Ichon. Ichon fortunate of survivors and rescued by Ompu Ronggur. Ompu Togu Urat disappeared and two stones were taken by Ompu Ronggur returned to Ichon. But there are different, the stone has a symbol, one shaped like a rolling wave. This event electrify all the inhabitants at his village,so her father finally decided that they would migrate to Jakarta earlier than planned.

Ichon nightmare continues. This causes Ichon not want to sleep. So he used his sleep-time to studying. Ichon grow into a smart boy. When he at high school, he replaced his brother, Eten, to go to America. Living in the United States as illegal immigrants is not easy. Sometimes he have to deal with hordes of delinquent students from various countries when he want to go to school, there are groups of Russian gangs, Korea gans, Taiwan gangs, Mexico gangs, which did not hesitate to use weapons to beat up  him. With the versatility to adapt, Ichon eventually be saved and in addition get a scholarship from renowned universities in America.

After that, Alfa meet a doctor named Nicky Evans who took him to a hospital named Somniverse and associations of oneironauts. With the help of Nicky and Dr. Colin, Alfa can find more about sleep disorder  that he waa suffered during this time little by little.

A book he found made him do a search on the book author named Dr. Kalden Sakya. He also did a search of the mysterious woman who appears in one of his dreams named Ishtar Summer (Ishtar also appears in the second book - Petir) Alfa had a hunch that Dr. Kalden can help him to know more. After the search he did to Tibet, Alfa eventually could see Dr. Kalden. And all the secret was revealed. Dr. Kalden explained that in fact Alfa was on a mission. That the dream that had been experienced by him is the real life and the place is called Asko is known is four-dimensional world. Dr.Kalden also explained about the Hackers, infiltran and Sarvara and told him that Alfa is a Hacker and he is a Infiltran. Dr. Kalden help Alfa how to survive in the Asko and continue his mission as Gelombang with his friends that called octahedral clusters.

Actually in Gelombang, besides we can find a connection between the previous books, also raises more questions like "What is the mission carried out by Alfa?" "What exactly Asko?" "What the octahedral clusters?" and many more. The question may be answered in the next book : Intelegensi Embun Pagi.


CAMPRT is an abbreviation of Camping Pramuka Tiga. This agenda is held every year to fulfill the duty according to the scout values ​​specified in the curriculum of 2013, so this activity is an activity that must be followed by every student. Camping was held on November 20 to 21, this was the last camping activities undertaken by 12 graders.

Camprt 2015 located in Rancaupas, Ciwidey. On Friday morning we gathered at SMAN 3 Bandung before leaving for camping locations. Almost all students in grade twelve was come to participate in this event, unless they were sick. We were lined up according to our classes while waiting the arrival of a transport truck that we headed to Rancaupas. One truck for one class.

We carried a lot of items ranging from clothes, food, and goods required for activities there. Each class, we were divided into 4 groups, two groups of girls and two groups of boys. Each group consists of 9-12 people who will occupy in one tent. In addition to foods, we also brought cooking equipment such as stoves, pans, etc.

We got Rancaupas at eleven and a half, then we set up a tent each groups together. After setting up the tent, the boys went to the mosque to did Friday prayers, while girls doing midday prayers at the tent. After the prayer we also had lunch together.

After lunch, we were preparing to do adventure activities in the forest in Rancaupas. We did lots of fun activities and games. Rancaupas air is very cold and a lot of ground slippery and muddy so we must be careful to made the climb. Our shoes submerged in the mud, many one of our fallen slip because the road we traveled was very steep and slippery.

We did a lot of fun games that required a teamwork. One of them is to break ciphers, measuring points using a compass, learn to perform first aid, and many more. In the evening, we cooked together and then had dinner. After dinner, there were campfire and performances of each class.

Each class should display a show that themed about heroes because as we know, we just celebrated Hero Day on November 10th. The appearance of each class is quite fun and entertaining untill late of night, then we slept in a tent respectively. The night air was very cold, but because in the tent quite narrow, so we did not feel too cold hahaha.

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School life is our life, are you guys agree with me? I will say it again. Yes, school life is our life. Why? Because almost of our times is spend at school. From the sunrise until the sunset, if i can say. There must be so many things that we can say about school life, specially high school life.
High school life must be unforgottable moment that everyone can have. Because in high school, when we are as teenager, there is a transition period from a child to be an adult. For me, this time is most difficult time i ever have. In school, we can’t keep close our eyes. These are not just about studying. We also learning. We learning and learning again. Everything can be learned.
In school, the most important thing is not only our knowledge or our academic ability but also how we make friends, how we treat other people. The most important that can make us called as a human is our attitude. Wait, it doesn’t mean i have good attitude haha. But your attitude is most important thing ever. I heard a quote like this :
“It is not about how their dressed, or how they look, but how they treat you.”-unknown
Everyone have different personality, we can meet so many different characters in high school. There are quite one, friendly one, etc. But, it is not about that. It is about not ignore each other, or worse down each other. We have to fight together and succeed together. We only one time experience high school so we have to make nice memories.
Maybe everyday and everytime we are busy with our own activities, but we must not forget that we belong to one another, need each other ama. therefore we should help each other, not to be selfish or self-centered. School life teach us many things. So just enjoy it.


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Peace. What is peace? I think, peace is  when every human being can respect and appreciate all the things done by others, but of course with certain limits. Peace begins with our willingness to accept differences. Neither the differences in religion, race, ethnicity, race, opinions and many more differences that we will meet in this life.

I believe there is not religion that doesn’t love peace. But why a lot of upheaval or conflict between different religious communities? That's because it does not imply any religious believers understand the truth about peace. Every human being with nature brings, sometimes feel arrogant of him and can not accept thedifferences that should not to be questioned.

I am a Muslim, but this is one of the quotes that I mostly like about peace:
"If we have no peace, it is Because We have forgotten that we belong to each other." -Mother Teresa (Christianity)

From the quote above, we would be awakened that the actual existence of a human being does not mean anything  without the presence of another human being. We, as inhabitants of this earth, regardless of religion, race, tribe, nation, we have each other. What is the meaning of this life if without a friend? We as humans, sometimes forget that a friend is not the one who always had the same thing to us, but the people who have differences that eventually can complement each other.

"Peace can not be kept by force, it can only be Achieved by understanding." - Albert Einstein

Yes, that peace can not be imposed. Everyone should be aware of and understand in advance and put aside all ego and vanity to be able to realize that peace is the most wonderful way to unite all the differences.

"Peace demands the most heroic labor and the most difficult sacrifice. It demands greater Heroism than war. It demands greater fidelity to the truth and much more perfect purity of conscience. "-Thomas Merton

It is not easy to create peace in the world. The necessary self-awareness, humility and love one another. There are some things we must finally accept without question anything.

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If you have experiences in a Costumer Services Industry... We want YOU!!!
If you are looking for UPGRADING skills and career in the marketing industry. Be part of us now!
The resposibilities for this positions are willing to be learn and actively in our three phase of training program :
1. Marketing & Sales Development
2. Training Development
3. Bussiness Development
We are not looking for people with lots of experiences. In fact we are looking for people with lots of willingness to learn. And the most important thing is people who has vision and dreams!
Requirements :
·         Posses at least Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, any field.
·         Loves to travel
·         Ready to work on TARGET EARNING based on 100% achievement
·         Have a positive attitude great work ethic and professionalism
·         Fun and confident personalities
·         Able to work in team willingness to learn
·         Domocilied in Jabodetabek Area
·         Willing to be located in any residental area in Jakarta
·         Willing to start as soon as possible
·         5 full-time positions available
Send your resume to:
Attn : Riska Emma Sangari
Gedung Kemang 15 lt.4, unit 2
Jl. Kemang Raya No.15
Jakarta Selatan

E : recruitment_dreaminc@appcogroup.asia

Jakarta, 28 August 2010
Riska Emma Sangari
Dream Inc
Gedung Kemang 15 lt.4, unit 2
Jl. Kemang Raya No.15
Jakarta Selatan

Dear Madam,
I know that Dream Inc is Jakarta #1 Residental Marketing Office, and I am sure it would be an excellent career opportunity to join in and work for this respective company. I would like to apply for positions that you offered. I am in good health, willing to work, fast learning, and work well with others. I have good communication skill and speak English fluently both oral and written. I have high willingness to learn and work in team. I loves to travel and have professionalism and confident personalities. And with pleasure i am ready to start to work as soon as possible.

I was graduated from Akademi School of Bussiness and Management of Institut Technology of Bandung. Majoring in Bussiness Management in December 2010, and have been working for Pratama Corp Retails in sales and marketing department since January 2011. I believe my 4 years experience in this related field would be useful for me to contribute your company better.

I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to convince you that my services would be an asset to your company. I assure you that a high level of efficiency would be applied to any assignment given to me. Enclosed is my resume, which indicates in some detail my training and experience. I sincerely hope that my qualifications are of interest to you and that an interview might be arranged at your convenience.
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Faithfully,

Ririn Fitiana

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Merdeka Building &

Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of Asian-African Conference

Do you know Merdeka Building? Merdeka Building or in Indonesian called Gedung Merdeka is an art-deco building at Jalan Asia-Afrika, Bandung, Indonesia. Today it serves as a museum displaying collections and photographs of the Asian–African Conference, the first Non-Aligned Movement that was held there in 1955.
This building was designed in 1926 in art deco style by Van Galen and C.P. Wolff Schoemaker, both professors at Technische Hogeschool (today ITB) and famous architects of that time. The 7500 m² building had Italian marble floors, some saloon and rooms incikenhout wooden finishing, and was adorned with crystal lamps on the ceilings.

Merdeka Building also known as the Asian-African Museum is a historical place that is open to anyone. We can visit this place at any time to see the historical heritage of Asian-African Conference in 1955. Inside, we can see the flags belonging to countries that belong to the members of the Asian-African Conference and we also can watch documentaries movies, photographs, libraries and much more.

For those of you who don’t know what it is Asian-African Conference, I will give a little information about it. Asian-African Conference is the 1955 gathering brought leaders from Asia and Africa to Bandung, Indonesia, to discuss the role the developing world would play in the future global economy, peace and security during the Cold War. The non-aligned movement still holds regular summits and is recognized by the United Nations, but it largely fell into irrelevance after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, ending the Cold War, and many of its founding members fell out of power in their countries or became embroiled in conflicts.

In relation to that, on April 19 to 24 yesterday, commemorating the city of Bandung Asian-African Conference to 60. This is one of the biggest celebrations organized by the city of Bandung, all citizens participate in this celebration. Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil has been preparing for this celebration such a way as to welcome delegates from member countries of Asian-African Conference.

Ministerial level meetings will kick off in Jakarta on April 20. The Asian-African summit will then be held in the capital from April 22 to 23, with Indonesian President Joko Widodo scheduled to give the opening address. Indonesia has invited delegates from 109 Asian and African countries, 16 observer countries and 25 international organizations. Around 30 heads of state from countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, South Africa, Mozambique and Pakistan have confirmed their attendance, Mr. Nasir said. Around 20 foreign affairs ministers have also said they would attend the events. Delegates are scheduled to arrive in Jakarta a day before the events begin.

The Asia-Africa conference was originally held to address peace, security and economic problems caused by both the “Western bloc and Eastern bloc” during the Cold War trying to earn support from Asian and African countries, the event’s official website stated. It was hosted by then-president Sukarno just 10 years after Indonesian independence and attended by leaders from Myanmar, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
In addition to welcome delegates, citizens of Bandung perform some ceremonies, events and festivals, some of them are Solidarity Day Tribute to Soekarno and Mandela, Bandung 1955 Photo Exhibition of 1955 Asian African Conference, Asian African  meet and greet Mall to Mall Performace, Angklung for the World (20000 Angklung Performance), Asian African Parade (A costume and music street festival), Festival of Nations Asian African Cultural Performances, etc.

Sabtu, 16 Mei 2015

            On last week, I and my friends of #32016 were had our study tour or called TURBUD. Our destination was Bali Island. We were so excited because it was like our chance to spent times together on a vacation! It was very unforgottable moment that always be in my memories. We were refreshing our brain after a very stressing and tiring activities in school.
            There were around three hundred students who joined the tour. We left Bandung on April 20th using train at Kebon Kawung Train Station around 4.00 p.m. We arrived at Gubeng Train Station in Surabaya on the next day. After that we continued our trip by bus to Banyuwangi city, there were 10 bus. It was so tiring but very fun because on the way i can saw so many beautiful sceneries like mountain or beach.
            On 21th night, we arrived at Ketapang Harbour to across a strain between Java Island and Bali Island used a ship.  We arrived at Gilimanuk Harbour in one hour later. After that, we continued the trip to Denpasar or Nirmala Hotel to checked in. We arrived at Nirmala Hotel at 00. 30 a.m, after checked in, we arranged our stuff in room. One room for 4 people. And we were sleeping because tomorrow we had to woke up early.
            On 22th after had breakfast in the morning, we started our vacation in Tanjung Benoa beach to enjoyed the watersport and another tour like Turtle Island tour used a boat and fed some fish in the sea. Besides turtle, we could founded ather animals like snake, ape, owl, bird, etc. And we also could took some photos with them. After Tanjung Benoa, we visited Pandawa Beach. There are 5 statue of Pandawas and their mother. It is amazing, the view is beautiful. I and one of my friend, rode a cano in the sea. Wow! It was so fun, after that we were swimming too and took some selfie.
            And we  visited Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park on that day to see Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue and watced some show and traditionsl dance. We also took some photos together. And we had our dinner at Jimbaran Beach with seafood menu. Yummy!
            The next day, the first place that we visited is Desa Adat Penglipuran to see their culture like house, temple, and others. It was very beautiful place! And we were doing a games there, its so fun. After that. We had lunch at Grand Puncak Sari II restaurant in Kintamani. So cool there! The view was also beautiful, we  could see the top of Mount Batur and Lake Batur from there. It’s owesome!
            On the nihgt we have our own party at Nirmala Hotel or we called it MAKRAB. The theme is Neon. So we used t-shirt that drew with neon chat so it would be glow in the dark. We were singing, dancing, and laughing together. It is obviously unforgettable moment.

            On the last day in Bali, after we checked out from Nirmala Hotel, we visited Kuta Beach. I took some photos there with the foreign. And we bought some souvenirs for our family in Bandung. The last place that we visited is Tanah Lot Beach, it also beautiful place. There was a temple on something like a huge stone on the Beach. The  place has story that believed by the society around. On evening, we continued our trip to Gilimanuk Harbour then Surabaya. We stopped in Madura Island and saw Suramadu Bridge. And we continued to the Gubeng Train Station.